Bikes & FunTimes Links!

Since my bike tour, there have been articles/videos that I have been in or featured in. Here are some of the links:

Brown Girl Magazine

Brown Girl Magazine is catered towards South Asian women in the US. They featured me in a few posts through interviews that you can find here: Interview, Part I, Interview, Part II

Biking into the World

Harrison Brown and I crossed paths twice during our bike tours. He biked from Alaska to Florida while posting a series of youtube episodes about his journey. You can find me featured in video form in two of these episodes! Episode #5: Summit (my part starts at 1:47) and Episode #7: Dino Park (I’m around 2:32).

Bike Travel Sites and Links

Grease Rag: One of the most inclusive bike-related groups I have ever encountered. Grease Rag has none of the elitism of traditional biking culture, and is created for and by Women, Trans, and Femme bicyclists of all abilities. The group puts on skill-shares in Minneapolis, but also host bloggers who post fun, empowering tips for biking.

Jessica Lawrence’s EPoP Interview: This is another podcast, but specifically with a bike tourist who rode from Oregon to Rhode Island. SOLO. WOMAN. CYCLIST. An obsession of mine is finding other solo woman cyclists to prove (to my mom) that it’s doable, women rock, and there’s nothing stopping us from being badasses except ourselves. The interview is long, but detailed and inspiring. And totally worth it. I haven’t checked this out much, but her actual website is Road to Rhode.

Twelve Days Biking and Camping Alone Along the Pacific Coast: This is an interview transcript with a solo woman cyclist who rode along the Pacific Coast. Her ride was similar to what the first portion of my route will be!

Woman on a Wheel: What I love about this blog: “I’m an urban cyclist, traveler, bike polo player, and community organizer. I’m interested in how WTF (women/trans/femme) cyclists are personally, politically, and economically empowered through biking.”

Solo Female Cycling Around the World: One awesome project on this blog is to document photos, quotes, and stories about solo woman cyclists! So. much. fun.

Steph and Ryan’s Biking Travel Blog: Steph and Ryan hosted Anne and I in San Diego. They are now biking down the PCH as we bike up! We may run into them, so keep posted on their journey at their blog!


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