No, but really–Where IS MAT???

1509757_10155171376135164_1080932750525840035_nApparently, New Years happened late for me. It’s February, and I’ve spent the last month considering what I want out of this year and, as part of that, what I want out of this blog. In a lot of ways, those things are linked. I want to become more articulate with beliefs, more concrete with goals, and less afraid to speak. This blog has been an avenue for me to do all of these things, but mostly related to my travels as a brown woman.

In January, I stopped posting a daily photo and also generally stopped trying to appeal to the short attention span of my generation. So for those of you out there who need the pictures to stay focused, I’m one of you and I’m sorry. For the blog specifically, I am becoming less concerned with aesthetics and more concerned with written content, in an effort to LEARN TO WRITE. This has been my goal for the last year and I’m still working on it.

As a lot of you became interested in this blog because of my travels, the future does hold more travels. I am, after all, a travel nurse, and my need to get these antsy feet moving will result in a big move…soon.

IMAG5004For those of you who also believe art, travel, politics, justice, yoga, and nursing are all inextricably linked, it will come as no surprise that I am going to work on bringing MORE to this blog. Bring the perspective of an Indian travel nurse who loves to travel, but who isn’t just looking for work and play. Being a temporary, traveling worker who strives to connect to anti-racist community struggles, wellness promotion in marginalized communities, and this vague, but important, concept of doing better.

Where’s MAT?

New York City for now. Continuing to spend lots of loving time with my boyfriend, Chris, and my friends, while figuring out how I can be useful in fighting against police brutality and anti-black racism in a city with a massive wealth divide. Adventuring in a city where some adventures might be urban adventures, but some bring you to the ocean and eastern mountains. Working night shift while googling “Nursing AND justice” while my patients sleep. Fostering dogs, and thus learning how to prioritize another being. Practicing yoga while seeking teachers who do not make me angry.

Where I’m going is anyone’s guess.



One thought on “No, but really–Where IS MAT???

  1. You’re awesome, Mary Ann! Being less afraid to speak is key. Think of the times like this where, because of your voice, you inspire others. And that momentum keeps spreading. Too often are women especially afraid of their ideas or sharing them, forgetting how positive the result of it can be. I think of it, in a way, as leadership or mentoring. You never know who’s listening, or needs your voice.

    With that said all of your goals are very commendable, I’m certainly inspired by your biker-nurse-blogger-kicks-social-justice-ass attitude.

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