Photo Shoot: MAT and LaLa Visit the Shores of Lake Michigan

Biking with Laura, whom I affectionately call LaLa, was a super-fun two-week mental vacation from solo biking. I got to experience everything with someone. When I usually get super excited about mundane things, I had someone to be excited with me. LaLa brings out the most pure kind of joy in everyone she meets; she interacts with the world with wide-open eyes and converses easily with people who readily engage because she is so obviously genuine. She brings out a pure joy in me, too, which rapidly leads to us behaving like children in most situations.

As we rode from Minneapolis to Traverse City, we bicycled along the northern and eastern shores of Lake Michigan in the Upper Peninsula. Fun Fact about Michigan: There’s the Upper Peninsula, and the Lower Peninsula. That’s right, the “mitten” everyone refers to is surrounded by lakes. (Ok, that wasn’t really a fun fact, but rather an obvious fact that I only figured out recently.) After staying with a great Warmshowers host in Escanaba, one of the biggest cities in the UP with a whopping 12,000 residents, we proceeded to go from one shore of Lake Michigan to another. We watched sunsets on the still, clear water. We bathed in its bays. We soothed our aching muscles in its soothing cool waters, and then lay on the sand beaches to dry off in the sun. We took a ferry to the famous Mackinac Island and then ate fudge and napped on the beach.

My last days with Laura were also my last days riding along Lake Michigan. Here is a summary of our time together: MAT and LaLa Visit the Shores of Lake Michigan.

IMG_7059IMG_7047IMG_7051IMG_7065IMG_7069IMG_7062IMG_7092We sat on the stairs of the lighthouse watching this sunset. The spiders slowly awoke and were utterly undisturbed by our presence. This one let us watch as she spin her web.

IMG_7099I guess the water hitting the rocks has stained one half of the stones.

IMG_7079Bike tourists eat all sorts of things to get calories. Laura found herself in a Skittles phase.


IMG_7143IMG_7121IMG_7132IMG_7167I couldn’t get over how much biking along Lake Michigan was like biking along the coast (minus that salty scent). There were dunes! And sand! And waves!

IMG_7157IMG_7164IMG_7188The big fancy hotel on Mackinac Island. That’s right, Lake Michigan has ISLANDS.

IMG_7173We took the ferry over.

IMG_7178IMG_7180IMG_7184I’M ON A BOAT.

IMG_7210IMG_7193IMG_7195IMG_7197IMG_7228IMG_7212IMG_7214There are also seagulls. That’s right. SEAgulls.

IMG_7219IMG_7220IMG_7222IMG_7261IMG_7267IMG_7230IMG_7256IMG_7353IMG_7358IMG_7277IMG_7285IMG_7288IMG_7298IMG_7304We deliberately got on the ferry back to the mainland that went UNDER the Mackinac Bridge. This bridge is the fourth largest suspension bridge in the world. Bicycles aren’t allowed on it because winds can reach such high speeds. (They said some absurd number that I don’t want to repeat in case it’s wrong.)


IMG_7382In Petoskey, we saw people fishing off the bridges along the Marina.

IMG_7402IMG_7387We also got to watch a sweet sunset.

IMG_7389IMG_7391IMG_7394IMG_7443IMG_7417IMG_7428Here, Laura banged rocks together. To what end? Your guess is as good as mine. IMG_7434



One thought on “Photo Shoot: MAT and LaLa Visit the Shores of Lake Michigan

  1. Mary Ann!!!!!! Awwwww! I miss you. (And you know why I was banging rocks together. Sugar rush!! toooo much pie). This was really sweet and I can’t express enough what an amazing time I had with you and how appreciative I am to have such a cool friend who opens my mind to new things (including my daily dosage of world anger) and new experiences. I love ya! See ya soon pal!

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