Photo Shoot: What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

I’m pretty sure I grow more ‘childish’ with every passing year. My dreams only grow bigger and bigger, as I crawl into smaller and smaller spaces…by that I mean, caves. On my first bike tour in 2011, Sheena and I visited Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. We went on the Wild Cave tour, where we were guided through tiny passages, armed with a headlamp, helmet, and knee pads. We shimmied through spaces that were barely larger than my hips, vertically climbed chutes, and went down rock ladders to find ourselves in large, underground rooms. Running water, domes that reached hundreds of feet above our heads, and drops below us, the depths of which we could not see. At one point, we all turned our headlamps off and experienced the true darkness most humans can only find in a cave.

Darkness. Silence. Stillness.

I was sold.

While biking through the Black Hills, I visited Jewel Cave National Monument and Wind Cave National Park. Because of the limited gear I carry on a bicycle, I was only able to go on the walking tours through each of these caves. They each added fuel to the spark, though, and I couldn’t stop thinking: “I want to be a cave explorer when I grow up!”

Here’s why.

IMG_6092This first set of photos is from Jewel Cave National Monument.

IMG_6141 IMG_6090

How did I even get these pictures? On the walking tours, the park service has placed lighting throughout the cave to highlight unique features of this cave. It allowed me to take somewhat decent pictures, but most of them are a little blurry, and some of them are green. The cave is not really green. It’s my camera’s doing.

IMG_6101 IMG_6103 IMG_6104 IMG_6108 IMG_6128 IMG_6129 IMG_6137 IMG_6139IMG_6150

Some blurry, but interesting, formations.IMG_6148

This guy is 22 feet tall and is the perfect example of “cave bacon”!

IMG_6145 IMG_6142IMG_6158The following are from Wind Cave National Park.

IMG_6371 IMG_6367 IMG_6356 IMG_6353 IMG_6351 IMG_6347 IMG_6338

The delicate lines of rock against the faces of the cave are called “boxwork.” It is a unique formation found in the Wind Cave; apparently 95% of the boxwork in the world is in Wind Cave. It required a precise set of geological forces for its formation, and all of the boxwork that exists in Wind Cave is all the boxwork that will ever exist there. So they say.

IMG_6332 IMG_6329 IMG_6326 IMG_6324 IMG_6322 IMG_6315 IMG_6303

The tour guide was careful to point out how humans destroy everything. The green splotches are a result of tourism in Wind Cave; the humidity from our breathing has provided an environment for algae to grow. They apparently have to power wash the cave every once in a while.

IMG_6377 IMG_6297 IMG_6294 IMG_6291 IMG_6286 IMG_6302 IMG_6274 IMG_6271 IMG_6270 IMG_6268 IMG_6263 IMG_6281 IMG_6279 IMG_6277 IMG_6253 IMG_6250

If I remember right, the white spots are called “frostwork.”

IMG_6248 IMG_6246 IMG_6242 IMG_6236 IMG_6257


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