Photo Shoot: If I’ve Seen One, I’ve Seen One Thousand

There are some things about bike touring that become banal. After seeing thousands of cows and corn fields, they don’t seem glamorous anymore. Despite the lack of glamor, here is a collection of scenes from my bike tour that I don’t get to see in my non-touring life. They serve as a reminder that there is beauty, even if you’ve already seen something one thousand times.

IMG_6378Prairie dogs apparently have a community life of their own, but I didn’t get to see any of the adorable cuddling they apparently do together.

IMG_6393Roadside waterfalls are commonplace, but I continue to be entertained by clear water falling from the sky.

IMG_6432Where does this two-track lead?

IMG_6443Wild sunflowers bloom in unexpected places.

IMG_6628I’m riding east, the wind is blowing east (usually), and the sun rises to the east. So the sunflowers show me their behinds, but the fields are yellow nonetheless.

IMG_6634Piles and piles of appliances sit across the country.

IMG_6636Cows have been my friends throughout this journey. These ones tentatively stared at me, then ran away. Note that they get to go to all the places humans can barely get to.

IMG_6667Ghost towns, with their shuttered windows and low populations, proliferate South Dakota. Abandoned buildings have become commonplace.

IMG_6776Believe it or not, there is corn everywhere!!

IMG_6804A few days later into my ride, the sunflower season has ended. Sunflowers are now dressed in black in mourning.

IMG_6806Farm equipment.

IMG_6809Lots. of. farm equipment.

IMG_6830In South Dakota, as in Montana, there are water towers that mark small towns.

IMG_6836Deadened trees.


IMG_6007Livestock in open range fields.



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