Photo Shoot: The Stillwater Collection

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Glynis. She is friend from New Orleans. One fall, we spent twelve hours on a train to visit Daniel. Unfortunately, we sat in the same Amtrak car as a mother with 8 small children who she refused to control. The mother also seemed to have very few social/life skills and assumed that Glynis wanted to be a surrogate mother, or free babysitter, for the duration of the ride. I actively dislike children who aren’t related to me, but Glynis is from Minnesota, which means she’s a nice person. Therefore, we made fun of them from afar.

A couple of the children spent the first two hours of the ride taking pictures of the Hudson River. The Hudson River. The family clearly lived in NYC and the children, undoubtedly, had seen the Hudson River before. It runs very slowly and almost looks still. Glynis made fun of these children particularly for this: “How many pictures of still water can you even take? Oh, here’s another picture of a bunch of non-moving water.”

I find myself, in a startling number of places, taking pictures of relatively still water these days. What follows is a compilation of photos from throughout my trip, except from California. There are not many slow-moving bodies of water in California because of the whole climate-change-turning-California-into-a-desert thing. I present to you: The Stillwater Collection.

Norcal into Oregon 169Oregon and Washington 118Oregon and Washington 154 Oregon and Washington 374Canada II 005 Canada II 026 Canada II 113 Canada II 120 Canada II 212Washington II 019 Washington II 073Washington II 187Washington III 078IMG_4395 IMG_4403 IMG_4404 IMG_4457 IMG_4460 IMG_4475 IMG_4478 IMG_4485 IMG_4491 IMG_4496 IMG_4507IMG_5299IMG_5320


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