Photo Shoot: Yellowstone National Park

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to sit passenger side in a van exploring one loop of Yellowstone. Yellowstone sits in three states (Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho). When visiting Yellowstone, you stand in the caldera–the sunken portion–of a volcano. One spectacular thing about the place is how the heat rises from underground, causing geysers, like Old Faithful, to erupt with water on a regular basis. Mud boils from the heat underground; hot pools of clear, blue, deep water sit steaming all around. The richness of color in the water and mud is partially due to heat-loving bacteria that thrive here. We found the ‘Grand Canyon of Yellowstone’, multiple large waterfalls, bison, and elk.

We also found tourists. Lots and lots of tourists. A ranger called Yellowstone, “Disneyland with bison.” (This particular ranger was also hilariously cynical and told us about the most recent bison mauling, in which a man’s scrotum was ripped off by a bison. We listened in as he told small children how they could sink to their deaths if they walked into the heated mud.)

Here’s some of what I saw.

IMG_5557IMG_5520IMG_5523IMG_5524IMG_5528IMG_5530IMG_5535IMG_5541IMG_5543IMG_5547IMG_5555IMG_5577IMG_5580IMG_5583IMG_5584IMG_5585IMG_5588IMG_5590IMG_5558IMG_5560IMG_5565IMG_5574IMG_5642IMG_5593IMG_5596IMG_5599IMG_5600IMG_5601IMG_5603IMG_5605IMG_5606IMG_5611IMG_5613IMG_5615IMG_5616IMG_5620IMG_5621IMG_5626IMG_5695IMG_5641IMG_5648IMG_5650IMG_5655IMG_5659IMG_5668IMG_5679james 1james 2james 3


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