Photo Shoot: Glacier National Park

Sheena has told me she appreciates my “Photo Shoot” posts, especially in light of her blooming modeling career! This one is for you! If you have any feedback on the blog, types of posts you like more than others, let me know! The photos that follow are pretty epic, but cannot convey how pic Glacier National Park is in any way.


IMG_4740IMG_4742IMG_4747IMG_4732IMG_4737IMG_4739IMG_4759IMG_4764IMG_4766IMG_4824IMG_4830I rode with these lovely folks into the campground–Katherine, Berengere, and Jean-Baptiste.

IMG_4779IMG_4798IMG_4804IMG_4807IMG_4892IMG_4896IMG_4837Hiking on snow–that woman has a kid on her back! This was the first time I’ve hiked on snow in my life–worth it!

IMG_4853IMG_4860IMG_4864IMG_4871IMG_4984IMG_4901IMG_4903IMG_4910IMG_4916IMG_4924IMG_4931IMG_4933IMG_4936IMG_4953IMG_4970IMG_4987IMG_4989IMG_4984IMG_5047IMG_4998IMG_5033IMG_5038IMG_5040IMG_5042IMG_5116IMG_5125It’s a marmot!!

IMG_5059IMG_5080IMG_5082IMG_5088IMG_5192At the foot of the giant cliff I am standing atop, there is technically a glacier (Grinnell Glacier). It has been melting and is basically a large body of water now.

IMG_5211Throughout my ride, I have seen the powerful impacts of fire in the forests I have passed. Here is one small example.



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