Day 86: Before Hope to Dorr Skeels Campground (61 miles)


Last night, I was kept awake by the persistent conversations of rodents in the woods around me. I slept poorly, so I committed to finding a decent campground for the night. I got more than decent! I swam, washed my clothes, made a nice big for fun…great day and night!


4 thoughts on “Day 86: Before Hope to Dorr Skeels Campground (61 miles)

  1. Hey again! I ran into two riders who actually mentioned that they saw you today haha. Where are you camping tonight and tomorrow (if you know)? I think I’m a bit closer now, stopping in Libby today.

    • Sweet! I’m past Libby for tonight, going to a campground on Rt 2. I’ll be in Whitefish tmrw, staying with a warmshowers host. Then in headed into glacier for a few nights-are you gonna rest in glacier?

      • I’m actually gonna head up to Eureka cause I heard the ride along lake koocanusca is really nice. I would be in whitefish the night after so I guess I’ll be one day behind again haha. I was planning to spend some time in glacier so maybe I can catch you there! The only thing is that I’m not sure where I should be going in glacier…it seems pretty big on the map

      • Awesome! My current Glacier plan is to hang around Avalanche Creek Campground because there are hiker/biker sites ($5), and a shuttle from Avalanche Creek to a lot of the popular spots in the park. AND there seems to be some cool day hikes from that campground itself. AND no RV’s allowed, which means no generators šŸ™‚

        I’m actually meeting up with two friends who are randomly coming to Montana at the same time, so that plan might change. But if you have the opportunity to go to Avalanche Creek’s hiker/biker site for a night, we might run into each other!!

        I’m going to try and find you on FB so we can do private messages. I’m super excited to meet you!!

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