Day 83: Bike Hostel


Today, I rested in the incredibly welcoming and peaceful Bike Hostel, outside of Colville. Above is a map with pins placed for the locations of where other cyclists who stayed here are from. I’ve spent today reading Watership Down and will probably finish it tonight. Tomorrow, my legs and butt will be ready to ride again!


3 thoughts on “Day 83: Bike Hostel

  1. Following your blog to track your progress! Heading over Sherman tomorrow from republic so hopefully I can catch up to you in a few days!

    • I’m sure you will haha! It’s awesome that you rode almost the same route as me, I’m excited to meet you! And I totally recommend the bike hostel if you get thru to colvillr-just be sure to get groceries in Colville because from there to here is rough

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