Changing Directions: MAT Rides East

I recently transitioned from riding along the Pacific Coast to riding east, towards the coast that I call home. I’m not one for symbolism, but I do think going east will be significantly different from my ride along the coast. There will be fewer services, fewer fellow cyclists, more empty landscapes, and fewer chains. There will be no ocean coastline, but there might be lake beaches. Towns will get smaller and smaller, and I don’t plan on being in another city for at least seven hundred miles. (I decided to skip Seattle, for lots of reasons, none of which are relevant right now since I’m not there!)

I’d like to take inventory.

I had my head shaved in San Diego at the start of this journey. My hair had not been cut since then. The day I rode east, I had it shaved again.

The original cut in front of In and Out Burger

The original cut in front of In and Out Burger

In Victoria, Ryan and Lisa helped me weigh my load. Each pannier weighs approximately 17 lbs and 5 ounces. My food bag, when half full, weighs approximately 8 pounds. My bicycle is 23 pounds.

Washington II 075

Between 4/23 and 7/5, I rode approximately 2215 miles along this approximate route:

map 7.8So far, I have ridden in rain on seven day. It was never as miserable as I thought it’d be.

Before heading east, I rode alone for approximately one month through Oregon, Washington, and parts of British Columbia.

Over the course of a week, I left the US, entered Canada, and came back to the US. I got to see fireworks on Canada Day and July 4th.

Canada IV 011Most importantly, on this journey I have cried only tears of joy and never of regret or sadness.

Canada III 011


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