Photo Shoot: Northern Cascades

In my opinion, bicycle travel is truly the best way to experience the world. On July 6th, I climbed 5477 feet above sea level over the course of 60 miles. It was the hardest day I’ve ever ridden, but every second was worth it. What follows is a taste of my Northern Cascades experience.

Washington II 031

I’ve noticed that people in cars don’t take much notice of the incredibly colored rivers, streams, and small moving bodies of water along the roadside.

Washington II 040Newhalem and the surrounding region boasts a series of dams that were set up before the Northern Cascades was designated as a national park. Apparently the dams provide about 14% of the power for Seattle!

Washington II 045Washington II 049Washington II 060Washington II 071Washington II 083Washington II 099Washington II 110Washington II 117Washington II 121Washington II 124Washington II 139Washington II 141Washington II 159Washington II 173I was told this is a mule deer with a “huge rack”. Luckily, I know what that is because I watched Touching the Wild recently. Apparently they are pretty endangered.

Washington II 180This is from outside the super cute town of Mazama, WA. The map I have doesn’t list the population because it’s probably less than 100…but somehow there were some pretty hip 20-somethings working at the Mazama Store.

Washington II 181After the pass, I quickly descended about 4000 feet and climbed another pass today (Loup Loup). I’m now in the scorching, desert heat of the “dry side” of Washington. All I want to do is slowly sip iced coffee, which will only dehydrate me more…and maybe ride another 30 miles into the sunset once it’s cooler.


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