Photo Shoot: Kalaloch Beach and Ruby Beach

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I fell in love with Kalaloch beach. The fog was deep and rolled in sheets through the campground. As I walked down to the beach through bright green shrubbery, I descended onto a black sand beach filled with driftwood logs and bordering forest. The low tide waves gently eased to shore, but the more violent waves further off could be heard loudly. I made no footprints on the compacted, wet sand. Animal shells, from crabs and mussels especially, littered the beach as birds scavenged.

I had almost no expectations for Washington, and this place truly astonished me.

(I am aware that not everyone thinks fog rolling on an empty beach is the definition of a beautiful beach. I also don’t care.)

Oregon and Washington 291Oregon and Washington 228Oregon and Washington 227Oregon and Washington 282Oregon and Washington 239Oregon and Washington 322Oregon and Washington 229Oregon and Washington 231Oregon and Washington 287Oregon and Washington 253Oregon and Washington 264Oregon and Washington 243Oregon and Washington 271Every experience I’ve had further reinforces that trees are much more equipped to survive than us puny humans.

Oregon and Washington 303Oregon and Washington 353Oregon and Washington 325Mushrooms do pretty well, too.

Oregon and Washington 292Oregon and Washington 315Oregon and Washington 294And just a quick nature walk away, we are back to lush green forest.

The following few pictures are from Ruby Beach, about 5 miles north of Kalaloch. This beach is covered in smooth rocks, has a rich intertidal zone full of life, and big rocks sitting close to shore.

Oregon and Washington 346 Oregon and Washington 360 Oregon and Washington 355



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