Photo Shoot: Redwoods of Northern California

It’s hard for me to post pictures, write blog posts, when I know I’m not even conveying a tiny sliver of the magnitude of what I saw. The redwoods…some are taller than the Statue of Liberty. Some are over 2000 years old. Some are gimmicky and have holes in them that cars can drive through. All of them have tall branches so that they don’t catch on fire. All of them have thick bark, sometimes 5 inches thick, to protect their insides. They get less water from their root structures and more from their high leaves. They suck the moisture out of that Humboldt fog. And coastal redwoods (the ones we’ve seen) only exist in a strip of land 40 miles wide and 450 feet long along the coast of California.

Thick skin

Thick skin

To be in the presence of redwoods is to be humbled. To bike through them is like entering a sacred cathedral. To see one of these giants lying on the ground, like a simple log, is to know that even 1600 years of life has to end sometime.

PCH Northern Cali 315

The trees are resilient. Fire shapes them, but does not destroy.

PCH Northern Cali 290

Burls are created from fire also

Burls are created from fire also

PCH Northern Cali 177PCH Northern Cali 157


PCH Northern Cali 172PCH Northern Cali 224PCH Northern Cali 246PCH Northern Cali 282PCH Northern Cali 319PCH Northern Cali 321PCH Northern Cali 335PCH Northern Cali 363Blurry picture, but this tree was 1600 years old, 360 feet tall, and fell in 1991. Almost totally intact. Diameter: 17 feet. (WHAT???)PCH Northern Cali 294A natural hole in the tree, caused by fire. Still alive.


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