Photo Shoot: Yosemite National Park

This past week, Sully drove us out to Yosemite. WOW. What a treat. First of all, not gonna lie, being in a car was pretty fun. We camped outside of Yosemite in a national forest campground and then drove in the next day. We hiked 7.5 miles straight up–2700 feet elevation gain–to the top of Upper Yosemite Falls. The fog clouded the view from the upper falls, and we could barely see 50 feet in front of us at some points. It was damp, rained during some portions, and we took frequent rest breaks because of how damn steep the climb was. But damn. Yosemite.

PCH IV 008PCH IV 012PCH IV 017PCH IV 021PCH IV 022PCH IV 024PCH IV 026PCH IV 030PCH IV 031PCH IV 034Don’t forget to look UP.

PCH IV 037PCH IV 041Check out dat moss

PCH IV 043PCH IV 044PCH IV 045PCH IV 046PCH IV 047PCH IV 051PCH IV 052PCH IV 056PCH IV 058PCH IV 063PCH IV 064PCH IV 068PCH IV 069On the ride home.


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