Photo Shoot: Pacific Coast Highway (Morro Bay to Half Moon Bay)

Many people speak of Big Sur and the areas around it. I cannot. Here are some photos to show some of the unspeakable beauty.

Pacific Coast 103The giant volcanic rock in Morro Bay.

Pacific Coast 134Enter: Big Sur.

Pacific Coast 150They’re spooning! Well that’s just adorable.

Pacific Coast 167This pre-pubescent male is trying to grow his tusk, but he’s too sleepy.

Pacific Coast 202Coastline with pre-sunset lighting.

Pacific Coast 235Redwoods tower above us at our campground.

Pacific Coast 237Our little tent amongst the giant redwoods.

PCH II 002The oldest redwood at Big Sur is called the Colonial Tree.

PCH II 029Bridges in Big Sur. #coastsoncoastsoncoasts

PCH II 040Anne and I were goofing off in Carmel and taking moon-lit photos.Check out my creepy eyes…PCH II 033Is Anne seeing God?

PCH II 058Why is there Spanish Moss in California?

PCH II 065North of Sand City, there are bike paths through Fort Ord Dunes State Park–so we rode through the dunes that, in recent history, housed an army base.

PCH II 084It was pretty cool.

PCH II 087We stayed at a punk house in Santa Cruz. I had been there 6 years ago and it was pretty much the same, just different people. Awesome environment and very welcoming.

PCH III 002A lighthouse along the way.

PCH III 019We slept one night in these driftwood shelters along the beach.

PCH III 026Here, I try to look cool in Half Moon Bay. Did it work?


2 thoughts on “Photo Shoot: Pacific Coast Highway (Morro Bay to Half Moon Bay)

  1. You totally look cool in Half Moon Bay.

    Incidentally, the lighthouse (Pigeon Point) is where I stayed for a few nights in early January!

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