Anne, San Diego, and the Kindest of Friends

I’m in San Diego! As you may have noticed. There are lots of cars and highways (so I don’t quite understand why people give Jersey a hard time for having highways!). There are also friendly baristas, palm trees, Vitamin-D giving sun, and an ocean that I have yet to see.

1969143_10152184120307159_1894875043_nYou may have noticed a lovely lady I keep photographing. I swear I’m not stalking pretty-people on the West Coast! This is actually the lovely Anne, who I will be biking with for about a month.

Anne is a friend from high school who moved to New Orleans last year. She lives in the city my heart lives, so I’ve gotten a chance to visit her and catch up during my last few trips to New Orleans. I mentioned my desire to bike up the West Coast and she expressed a similar desire to explore what the west has to offer. We’ve both lived most of our lives on the east coast, so we are in similar positions of awe and wonder at the deserts, mountains, and oceans that are here!

Anne also has some bike touring experience. Like me, she hasn’t ridden for more than a month on one trip. She is adventurous, easy-going, and excited to explore.

She is also fucking hilarious and makes me laugh every day.

Since I’ve arrived, we have been staying with Steph and Ryan, who I had met a few times while living in DC.  They biked from DC to California last year over 3 months by following the Adventure Cycling Association’s cross-country biking guides. They rode mountain bikes (!).

Steph is another travel nurse and  has been working out in San Diego for six months and Ryan is flexible enough to go along for the adventure that is travel nursing! Anne and I have spent the last few days running errands, lounging in our hosts’ home, comparing gear with Steph and Ryan, and scheming. It appears that our route may make a shift in the initial days. I can’t tell yet what’s going to happen…but it might have to do with this place:

wpid-imag2008.jpgToday, we continue to run errands. Susi is assembled! Shining and waiting for us humans to get our act together!

Tomorrow we ride.



One thought on “Anne, San Diego, and the Kindest of Friends

  1. I would love to do that someday! The giant redwoods in northern CA are a must see! I can’t describe them any better than – bigger than big! Enjoy and ride safe!

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